Shipstern Bluff

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Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, Australia is located in a remote area on the southeastern tip of the  Tasman Peninsula. Named for a massive rock formation the shape of the stern of a sinking ship that juts up out the sea, it is often called Devil’s Point. Here lashing winds of…to continue


Lillian Union, Thunder Paper Echoes

By Adam.J.W.C. 
Blue Mountains National Park

Michio lives near Faulconbridge, today a village of around 4,000 people, located in the Blue Mountains of Australia. It is one of several small towns that grew up along the railway line that opened up a passage way through the mountains for the early settlers heading west. Faulconbridge is 48 miles west of the coastal city of Sydney….to continue

Changan, China

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This city whose name means Perpetual Peace functioned not only as the capital city of ancient China for ten dynasties but during the peak of the Chinese civilization, the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907), it became the most populous and cosmopolitan city in the entire world. As the terminal point for the fabled Silk Road, it was…to continue


Xian, China

Photo of Xian smog


After the fall of the Tang Dynasty in 904 the ancient city of Chang’an fell into disrepair and the majority of residents left the city. It was not until 1370 that the first Ming Dynasty emperor renamed the city Xian. Today it is a city of nearly nine million people. A pioneer in software and aerospace research…to continue